Munthandel Oost-Brabant


Coin and Banknote dealer Oost-Brabant

Welcome to our website. Our company was founded in 1980. We do not have a shop, but a home
office where you are welcome.
To protect your privacy, please do call first to make an appointment.

What do we have to offer:
Our specialty is coins and banknotes of the world after 1500. We have a mail order department
and we will provide you a free price list covering a portion of what we have to offer on more than
200 countries and states.

There is also an opportunity to subscribe to new issues, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and
Royal Dutch Coin Issues, so your collection is automatically updated and you are sure you do
not miss issues.

We also provide regular appraisals for insurance companies, but of course we can also value private
collections of coins and / or notes for inheritance, insurance, etc.

You will find us on most major national and international fairs. Through our website we will keep
you informed about the fairs program.

Offer of the month:
Every month we have a number of offers which we sent to our customers via e-mail. Are you
interested? Click here to register.